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Our Services

Busy Beaver provides easy tree stump removal service and has the skills and equipment to take care of any tree stump on your commercial or residential property.
To get started, follow three easy steps:

Our Process

We keep it simple and fast! You can expect timely arrival, quick and professional service and a yard left in great condition, leaving you with peace of mind. 

No Stump Left Behind

If you experience a fallen tree on your property, it is important to have it removed. Our stump grinding services are available to Residential and Commercial Areas not only in the Conroe and North Houston Area, but our technicians travel all over the United Services for professional and fast storm clean-up.

Better Than Before

Our goal is to leave your property looking new again with our quality service. We will protect your utility and sprinkler lines, as well as your landscaping and grass. After the stump is ground, we will move the wood chips around to cover the area or can relocate them to an area where mulch can be used.

Why Use a Professional Service?

There are several ways to grind a stump, but there is only one easy and efficient way.
Compare the methods below and we look forward to scheduling convenient removal!
Do it Yourself Without Equipment
Success Rate 22%
Rent Equipment or Hire a Professional
Success Rate 100%
  • Burn it – we grind quite a few stumps that have been attempted to be burned. This is usually not effective, especially the parts close to or in the ground.
  • Drilling holes – Drilling holes in the stump and pouring something in the hole to cause it to rot faster may work if you’re willing to wait several years. We also grind quite a few of these.
  • Digging them out – Stumps can be dug out using a backhoe, or other heavy equipment. Especially if they are in an open area like a pasture. This process will usually tear up quite a bit ground around the stump and leave a huge hole in the ground. Also, the stump and it’s roots must now be disposed of somehow.
  • Rent a stumpgrinder – You can rent various sizes of stump grinders for $200-500 per day. You will need to haul it home and back to the rental store. (sometimes requires a trailer rental also) Then, of course, you will have your time and labor. The walk behind models are only recommended for small stumps (8” or less in diameter)
  • The best way is to hire a professional stump grinder. They will have the experience, proper equipment and insurance.
  • We have two state-the-art remote controlled machines which cost $50,000 - $80,000 each
  • We carry liability and workman’s comp insurance.

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