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Service Overview

Once you have your measurements, reach out to us to discuss your custom quote. Make sure to check for underground utilities, fence opening sizes, and condition of tree roots before calling to prevent issues upon arrival. Our equipment only needs 36″ opening to fit through any spaces, and will not damage dry yards. 


Cost of stump removal depends on several different factors including size of stump, location, quantity and condition of tree roots. Contact us to discuss a custom quote for your stump removal. 

Depending on location and how many stumps to remove, we typically can be in and out within an hour or two.

We do not haul off any of the mulch. Some people choose to use it in their beds or have their lawn company haul it off.

Yes! We prefer to give the initial estimate over the phone, text or email. This will be based on information you provide. If you decide to proceed, we will set an appointment to do the work. Once we see the actual job and what it entails, we will let you know if initial estimate will work or an adjustment needs to be made.